Moodgadget is an independent record label with the mission of exposing the diversity in electronically made music. Founded in 2004 in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Jakub Alexander and Adam E. Hunt, the label began as an effort to popularize the founders’ opinion that electronic music is a process, not a genre; within its walls live a diverse range of sounds, which would be documented over the course of the label’s development.

The label is currently based in Brooklyn, New York, with Jakub and Adam sharing label management duties. Jakub handles A&R and Adam serves as the mastering engineer and web designer. Design and artwork is provided by Alex Koplin, who joined the label in 2008. Design contributors include: PhilistineDSGN, Adam E. Hunt, Jakub Alexander, Martyna Alexander, Ben Saginaw and Taro Yumiba.