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18 Carat Affair is the image enterprise of artist/musician Denys Parker. Using a 4-track tape machine, synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines, Parker creates short tape spliced collages of haunting funk. 18K has put out genre spanning CDR singles and EP’s since 2005. Most of these early recordings are compiled on the 2009 release, “Spent Passions”.

Parker is currently roaming around Kansas City, MO operating through “The Wax Factory”. In 2011 he released 60/40 showcasing the “Haunted/ New Romantic/ Funk” sound as described. 60/40 has brought attention to the works of 18K, Being Initally released on 10 “Fashion Sampler” VHS cassettes and sold in local KC record shops. Noted Influence: Scott Walker, The Cure, Prince/Revolution, Cocteau Twins, OMD, 80's R&B, Tears For Fears, The Beach Boys, Kate Bush, Public Image Ltd., Burt Bacharach, Phil Spector, Velvet Underground/Nico, Roxy Music.

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