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A Setting Sun is the ambient/experimental/drone project of Ann Arbor native Jay Bodley. Exploring themes as heady as "fleeting memories and the ghosts of nostalgia," Bodley's signature blend of dark ambiance and textured soundscapes help form the foundation of Moodgadget's "low-level" catalog. First appearing on Moodgadget compilations “The Rorschach Suite” and “Expanse At Low Levels,” Bodley's first EP, "Views From The Real World," followed shortly after. Over the course of the years to follow, the music of A Setting Sun continued to advance, delving into uncharted territory that took into account the listening context. Manifesting itself in live performances, audiovisual experiments in Max MSP, and in recorded material that would be continually re-visited and re-purposed, A Setting Sun encompasses a consistent theme that extends across Bodley's entire discography.

Bodley has explored an eclectic range of genres under a plethora of monikers: the hip-hop-minded Iggy Ignotius, post-dubstep proponent Guardian, or doom drone interpreter Sun Hammer, to name a few. Still, A Setting Sun forms the backbone of his musical acumen, illuminating and darkening the spectrum, such that it becomes a singular entity, a message being communicated sonically through time. Emotive, cinematic, and utterly human, A Setting Sun's music forms a unique relationship with the listener. At times, gentle and soothing, at others, harsh and abrasive, coalescing in a brilliant crescendo only to break apart and recede into the mist.

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