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If ever there was a way for music to project the sensation of slow-gliding over undulating fields, Markus Guentner has doubtlessly mastered the craft. Kompakt veteran Markus Guentner has been an active figure in the electronic and ambient worlds for well-over a decade. Appearing on a plethora of compilations, each with arresting contributions, Guentner's talent for conveying weightlessness in sound gives his music not only an immediate therapeutic quality, but a much longer shelf-life, with debuts from 2001 still sounding as efficacious as if they were released yesterday.

Heralded by the music press as one of the progenitors of "pop-ambient," Markus Guentner's hypnotic, subtly brilliant approach has been a chief precedent to many artists within the Moodgadget catalogue. We couldn't be more thrilled to incorporate this unique entry into our ongoing study of low-level music with the release of "Shadows of the City."

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