Seth Troxler Aggression

Seth Troxler's, "Agression" Is like an armed robbery committed by techno. The first half Is the pre-meditation leading up to the crime; cryptic vocal fragments instill a sense of paranoia, and allude to something ominous lurking in the night shadows. The beat Is a constant throbbing pulse with a fluttering murmur; much like the heart of the future victim might sound.
Pitched-down vocals bring the robber to life, a specter hovering outside their chosen victim's window. Suddenly, the windowpane shatters; the robber enters the victim's home and a panicked struggle ensues. The familiar telephonic phrase, "If you need help, hang up and then dial your operator" can now be decrypted from the aforementioned vocal fragments, offering little comfort. The struggle reaches it's apex, but this phrase lingers, like a growing pool of blood, congealing around the track until its conclusion. Creepy good fun.

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