Casino Versus Japan

Casino Versus Japan Casino Versus Japan

After nearly 5 years of relative quiet, one of IDM's most highly regarded producers, Casino Versus Japan, has broken the silence with a self-titled full-length release on Moodgadget. An intoxicating collection of 22 tracks that harken back to the early days of IDM, and derive from the core of what makes Kentucky-based Wisconsin-native Erik Kowalski's music so unique and appealing. Filled with stylistic variety, and spanning vast expanses of sonic landscape, Casino Versus Japan unfolds with inviting blankets of ambient warmth, crystalline reflections, and powerful resonant drum sequences. From that point forward, the listener is locked in as the album morphs subtly from track to track, creating a multi-faceted collage of sounds and textures, the sort of maximal music that continues to yield new discoveries with repeated listening. Standout tracks include Blue Vacation, Part 4, a gripping musical interpretation of Hemingway, the sub-assaulting distorted slow-roller, Nuclear Weapons Were Invented in 1945, Part 2, and Names on Maps of Venus, Part 5, a patch of gliding ambient shoegaze.

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