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Weed DC Hope

DC Hope EP is the debut Moodgadget release of Brooklyn- based "bedrock" musician Willy "Flip" Anderson, better known as Weed. With influences in lo-fi, chillwave, psychedelia, ambient, folk, indie and classic rock, DC Hope shines beyond its modest means of production (the bedroom) to encompass a sense of honesty and emotion rarely touched upon, even in the most ostentatious of recording studios.
"I picked the name Weed because I'm comfortable with every association the word brings to mind." This is the up-front response you should come to expect from the Wisconsin native. "I like thinking about people using songs like drugs. I've certainly used records to relax, to get pumped up, or to cheer up, if only temporarily." Much like his music, a closer examination reveals deeper meanings, like "a weed that grows in your yard and keeps coming back and coming back even after you think you've killed it." Anderson hangs his hat on musical transparency, hard work, and surrounding himself with good people. "More than anything, Weed is a verb. Weed out the bad shit."

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