A Setting Sun December

Nearly two years after the release of the well-received Flower Garden of Doom, Moodgadget mainstay Jay Bodley, a.k.a. A Setting Sun, returns with his latest long-player, December. Taking shape over the course of a nearly two-year incubation period, December stands as an homage to fleeting memories and the ghosts of nostalgia. These songs began their development just before the release of Flower Garden of Doom, a heady period which found Bodley becoming restless in his adopted home of Brooklyn, NY, where the recording process began, and making frequent trips back to Ann Arbor, MI, where he collected sounds from his mother’s piano. Over the course of the coming months -- as Bodley moved from Brooklyn to Blacksburg, VA and finally back to Ann Arbor -- these raw recordings of guitar and piano were broken down, repurposed and rearranged into a series of compositions that provide a gentle exploration of what “home” truly means.

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