Enge (Reissue)

Benoit Pioulard Enge (Reissue)

Upon its release in the summer of 2005, the Enge EP quietly made a name for Benoît Pioulard (born Thomas Meluch) in the indie underground and caught the ear of Chicago’s esteemed Kranky, who have since issued his acclaimed full- length Précis (2006) and will be releasing its follow-up in fall 2008. Now out of print, Enge was originally pressed in a hand-numbered edition of 300 copies on clear 7” vinyl. By popular demand, Moodgadget Is proud to present a remastered digital edition of the EP complete with an exclusive track and three stunning remixes by Small Sails (Portland, OR), Praveen (New York, NY) and Viul (Washington, DC). The tapestry of sounds employed throughout Enge has been described as “hypnotic, beautiful and immensely complex,” (Modernfix) and hailed as an “exceptional creative vision” (Lost At Sea) – even three years on, it Is a remarkable introduction to Pioulard’s uniquely layered style. Bonus track “Aeolian Death Song” dates from early 2005 and was one of only a few pieces omitted from the Précis album. Rounded out by a selection of reinterpretations from Moodgadget’s finest, Enge Is now available on the scale it truly deserves, and remains a linchpin in the discography of a consistently intriguing songwriter & sonic sculptor.

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