Expanse at Low Levels

Various Artists Expanse at Low Levels

Moodgadget?s “Expanse at Low Levels” Is the first in a series of ambient music compilations from the increasingly diverse label. Low Levels focuses on the sparser and quieter side of electronic music, rife with string and piano tape loops drenched in the warmth of decay. The album?s 20 original compositions are inspired equally by the genre?s pioneers and current flag bearers, including: Gas, Biosphere, Max Richter, William Basinski and Bibio. Label favorites Benoît Pioulard, and The Reflecting Skin each make gorgeous and distinctive contributions.
Pioulard?s “Sunol (version one) Is an alternate take of the whimsical song first featured earlier this year on his Fir 7” for Type Records. With its lone acoustic guitar, Sunol Is a stunning example of how emotive ambient music can be in even the simplest context. Equally emotive Is The Reflecting Skin?s “And She Disappeared Into The Snow”, a hauntingly beautiful composition that conjures up powerful feelings of isolation. Marumari, of Carpark fame returns from a five-year hiatus with the lush and layered beauty of “Birch Bark Vessel.” We think it?s safe to say he?s been missed. Furthermore, Entsounds (a new alias of electronic music renaissance man Reid Dunn [Wisp]), and A Setting Sun each unearth ambient gems that serve as shimmering examples of things to come from their debut Moodgadget EPs, due out later this year.
Staying true to its mission, Moodgadget strives to expose the diversity in ambient music. Expanse at Low Levels covers vast and varied terrain, but Is presented in a way that Is accessible to new listeners of the genre. Each composition sounds unique, whilst simultaneously complimenting the rest of the album – forming an extensive and cohesive whole.

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