Jacob 2-2 Fantasiarexia

Jacob 2-2's latest release on Moodgadget, "Fantasiarexia" is equally influenced by the crystalline new-age tones of 80's film soundtracks as it is by bass-heavy funk and jazz fusion. Warm analog synths, broken 8-bits and Fairlight fragments are densely layered ontop of 808 grooves and chopped up beats, coated with Betamax fuzz to produce a sound that is at once whimsical and melancholy.

His recent work already attracted the attention of artists such as Com Truise (Ghostly International) who described it as "Perfect sound design with hints of vintage computing...visions of a video age slowly melting in the sky.

Jacob 2-2 is a Brooklyn-based electronic artist whose work combines hip-hop beats, lush synth textures, and a healthy dose of warped childhood nostalgia.

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