Flower Garden of Doom

A Setting Sun Flower Garden of Doom

Moodgadget veteran Jay Bodley is back with his latest ambient offering as A Setting Sun. While the title, Flower Garden of Doom, may initially seem like a playful joke, it is a meticulously constructed meditation on the extremes inherent in the rich singularity of existence, communicated both visually and sonically. Continuing forward from Empty Sound, Bodley focuses his energy on creating ambient music that is relaxing and sublime, but at the same time brutally natural and at times even ugly. With greater emphasis on guitar and field recordings than in previous releases, this new offering from A Setting Sun is wrought with a more organic, emotional tone, which explores themes of peaceful beauty and impending doom in equal measure. From Bodley's perspective, one cannot exist without the other, like the lotus flower rising from the filthy mud of the swamp. Beauty and darkness coexist in perfect balance in the Flower Garden of Doom.

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