Hearts In Stasis

Direwires Hearts In Stasis

Hearts In Stasis is the latest release from Ontario-based longtime Moodgadget veteran, Adam Young, who records as Direwires. With his inclusion on Moodgadget's very first compilation, Random Number...Colors Start, and the release of his debut EP There's Life After Winter the following year, Direwires embodies in many ways the core aesthetic and sonic values that inspired the founding of Moodgadget in the first place. Hearts In Stasis is a profound low level listening experience, ripe with texture and meticulous attention to detail, created over a four year period and imbued with the emotions of romance and memories in nature and sunlight experienced during that time. The resonant meandering of Canatara Stroll disarms and conjures forth syrupy memories stored in our collective subconscious, while Bayfield skims along the surface like a seagull, disturbing the shimmering continuum only when the time is right.

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