Daniel Johnson Lazrus

Lazrus is the sound of Daniel's reconnection to music, the result of a two-year separation from the talent he loves most. It's a breakthrough not only because it's the first affirming music he's made after a history of being stuck in a minor key, but because it's his first overt embrace of soul music - that odd frequency somewhere between melancholy and joy he tuned himself to during his Motown-soundtracked early years as a white kid in a black city.
Though it was mostly home-recorded, it sounds bigger than a laptop: Daniel fulfilled a long-standing wish to play all of the instruments himself, from drums to glockenspiels (with the exception of a handful of gorgeous overdubs by members of Zoos of Berlin and Judah Johnson), and he feels its performances are the most inspired work he's ever done.
Like its title, Lazrus sounds like a slurred resurrection - dirty, confused, holy and gorgeous.

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