Mission to Mars

Isomer Transition Mission to Mars

Hot off the heels of a confident debut on Moodgadget's Modeone compilation, Isomer Transition sets off on his own course with the minimal techno EP "Mission to Mars." Mars Is four tracks of thematic, expertly crafted minimal techno from 19-year veteran electronic music producer RJ Valeo, who made a name for himself with several outstanding releases on Type Records and Neo Ouija.
The mission begins with the stealthy and sleek "Loop Me Through to Control the Mains." A calculated blooping bassline and a periodic warm drone crescendo are spliced with a low, gravely voice that states "I see you over there." Eerie. On "Deep in Space" Sawtooth synth canon blasts are paired with a rolling, clacking beat and bass that sounds like bits of space debris colliding violently. The mission continues with "Space Madness." The combination of enigmatic rhythmic synths, seemingly random bass bloops and warbly synth stabs might beg one to ask the question "Am I going crazy?"
This Is the soundtrack to being alone in the vastness of space. The destination Is reached with "The Exploration of Region 13." A bubbly, clicking beat, haunting drones and a shimmering lead synth teeming with life send the EP back into orbit on a high note. All four tracks are infinitely danceable, and the thematic element adds a unique twist to the minimal techno genre – encouraging individual interpretations of the material.

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