No New Enemies Vol. 1

Various Artists No New Enemies Vol. 1

Ahh, the uphill battle that Is releasing electronic music and trying to explain to uninformed fans (and even friends) that it's not all the same 4/4 club music. It Is difficult to attract attention to the hidden gems of the genre, there Is so much good music that comes out weekly which gets buried under mediocre mainstream releases; the gelled up DJs, and the gimmicks that don't age well.
With "No New Enemies Vol. 1" we're attempting to change that. We've assembled our most diverse, and melodic material from past, present and future releases on Moodgadget, and we think this Is our finest attempt to date to expose the diversity in this expansive genre's sound.
Slow disco edit experts Worst Friends kick the compilation off with a psychedelic rock/disco jam that begs the question "What if Pink Floyd had made a dance track?" Charles Trees drops in with a dusty, heavy sample-laced track that Is both soulful and upbeat; conjuring up the good times. Tstewart's, "What's This Color" Is new folk at its finest; with bouncy, circular acoustic guitars, and samples warm enough to take the place of your winter coat in the coming months.

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