Kyson Patience

The writing, recording and production of the Patience EP which spanned over most of 2011 was my way to portray the personal traits and emotions I feel I lack or have trouble with dealing in “real life”- restraint, patience and stress and anger management. Along with this I was feeding a strong connection to my family and friends on the other side of the world and at the time my music became almost a conversational tool for me. The ideas and concepts were formed traveling around Europe and parts of Africa, experiencing different cultures and ways of life and then brought back together in Berlin to form the record. Especially memories of the 3 years i spent living in the mountains, waking up to fresh snow and sunshine and the sound of nothing.

I can't draw, but I always see these images and so I attached them with sounds instead. The ambient Synthesis, long builds, dark textures and washed out vocal samples in “Patiently Waiting” take me back to my childhood with images of my father always telling his hyperactive child to slow down. While “washed out” shows the darker side of the EP and myself with reverb and heavy percussion floating around the dark chords. This EP was about experimenting with layers of emotions to create a plateau of sounds that become one. I was trying to keep the low end of the record quite static to create a foundation for tones, guitars and high vocals to move around the space left in the tracks.

These were also the first tracks in which I included use of my own voice, I didn’t want to sing a song but just a few letters to get a point across..lyrics like “Limited Time to steal the day” were repeated chopped in a sample fashion to create new words and to let the listener decide for them selves what they are hearing. Coming from a background in Hip-hop I wanted at least a few words to connect the instrumentals with the message I was trying to get across.

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