Revolutions per Minute

Mogi Grumbles Revolutions per Minute

With the Indie Dance scene being as big as it is we end up finding new avenues in the genre and the sounds of newly acquired Mogi Grumble's catchy distorted disco could be the best addition yet. Taking the best pieces of 90's Disco House and creatively enhancing it similar to what French House pioneers did but Mogi goes straight for the main vein and wants to start the party now while easing off the wild spastic end and guns it straight towards what the dancefloor is screaming for. To top off this brilliant EP Mogi and iTunes announced Best New Electronic musician Mux Mool swap tracks with Mogi turning Death 9000 into a crowd pleaser and Mux slowing down and shuffling up the dynamic track Dude's Nite Out.

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