Songs Spun Simla Remixes

Praveen & Benoit Songs Spun Simla Remixes

Like a prism, songs Spun Simla's 8 remixers refract the warm, glowing light of the original, separating it into sounds from nearly every band in the electronic music spectrum.
The prolific Daedelus (Ninja Tune) kicks off Songs Spun Simla Remixes with an epic, lo-fi baroque march. Sounding like a tonic composed of early work by the Microphones, and the Avalanches; "Chiaroscuro" bubbles up with airy flute harmonies, soaring string and harp crescendos, and brass flourishes. Slowing things down a step (if only for a minute) Landau Orchestra steers "To Scale" into warm, sensual waters, melding portishead-esque piano and vocals, before motor boating into choppier waters with funky clavinet and breakbeat.
Machine Drum encases organic hip-hop in "Embers" with searing Dr. Dre-esque gangster bass and lead, dizzying "Fly Like an Eagle" arpeggios and compellingly off-beat hand claps, adding meat to the skeleton of Benoîts vocal fragments. Adapting the best from Aphex Twin's playbook - Shigeto, binds a simple and catchy music box melody, to blooping bass, and juxtaposes it with complex, multi-layered and intricately syncopated percussion–complete with a scintillating electro-shock snare.

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