Body Language Speaks

In a foggy New England town there comes a rumble from a poorly lit dive bar. This roaring bass comes from the only turntables in the village spilling out the Detroit, house, and electro pulse. This other-wordly sound draws in this young and curious crowd, inviting them to flail their bodies to the demanding rhythm.
Behind these turntables stand a couple of fledgling producers named Matt Young and Grant Wheeler. Their pop remixes crafted for each week's set provided only a hint of their direction in this world of visceral music. However, once combined with the angelic soul stylings of Angelica Bess, a sound took form they could call their own, a sound as instinctual as their own body language.
Just as they uttered their first musical words together, the sound of this small new england town started to fade. A new mechanical pulse came from the earth that was the sounds of New York City. With these city sounds, emerged a voice that spoke volumes of new influences. Body Language was quick to respond, and offered a five song EP aptly titled, Speaks.

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