Swung From The Branches

Foxes In Fiction Swung From The Branches

From Pitchfork:
"The last time we checked in with Toronto ambient pop stargazer Warren Hildebrand, who records under the moniker Foxes in Fiction, he was narcotizing us into oblivion with the cloudy-sounding "15 Ativan (Song For Erika)". Foxes in Fiction's debut full-length, Swung From The Branches, is set for reissue June 29 via Moodgadget (it was previously available as a self-released cassette); "Flashing Lights Have Ended Now" is one of three bonus tracks that will be included with the reissue."
From Lonely Vagabond:
"Foxes In Fiction isn't a fox, nor is it fiction, but rather the creative vehicle of Warren Hildebrand. Ambient electronica that focuses more on mood, meditative soundscapes and atmospheric effect, this one-man project mixes a brew of Stereolab rhythm-driven bliss, Boards Of Canada IDM, and a hint of sun-kissed psychedelia. Fronted by spacey vocals, underneath the chilled-out grooves are lush pop songs, cleverly disguised if you look hard enough. Artistic drive over commercial gain (Hildebrand freely shares his recordings and runs a cassette label) Foxes In Fiction is impossible not to like."

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