The Black Box Set

Mogi Grumbles The Black Box Set

As dark and abrasive as it is sociable and catchy, The Black Box Set brings out the best in disco-tinged french-influenced house music, making it the perfect choice for late nights when the dancefloor reaches its climax.
A first glance at the tracklist might leave you scratching your head, thinking, "WTF, why is it called 'The Black Box Set?' Why is every track designated as an EP?" These are half-sneering / half-joking jabs at the norms of dance music, a genre long-dominated by singles. All joking aside, this is a collection of eleven singles that are ready to dominate the floor more than one hot A-Side ever could.
Fans of Daft Punk, Justice and Alan Braxe will enjoy Mogi's way of wearing his influences on his sleeve, while maintaining a darker, raw and unadulterated sound that is entirely his own.

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