The Synchronicity Suite

Various Artists The Synchronicity Suite

Summer, 2008. Get ready to Synchronize. Moodgadget and Ghostly International team up to bring you The Synchronicity Suite, the exhilarating sequel to 2006's blockbuster compilation, The Rorschach Suite, that Is unlike anything you've ever heard before. iTunes gave Rorschach a veritable two thumbs up, cementing its place in the top 15 electronic albums of 2006, with two consecutive artist spotlights, and one of the year's top electronic songs, Mux Mool's, Lost and Found.
Since that fateful year, Mux Mool and fellow Moodgadget artists, The Reflecting Skin and JDSY have starred in Ghostly Swim, this spring's goodwill mega-hit, co-produced by Ghostly International and Adult Swim. The trio make a triumphant return to Moodgadget for The Synchronicity Suite.
They are joined by fellow stars, Wisp, Small Sails, Benoit Pioulard and an extraordinary new cast, including pop sensation D. Gookin, experimental rockers Brael, and lo-fi piano virtuoso Praveen (courtesy of the Music Related label). 19 artists in all work in synchronicity over 80 pulse-pounding minutes to expose the diversity in electronic music. Are you ready to Synchronize?

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