There’s Life after Winter

Direwires There’s Life after Winter

Fascinated by nature and computer language in equal measure, Adam Young has been creating electronic lullabies since his youth. As one half of acclaimed techno duo Tractile, Young has been able to foster the urges of his more rhythmic side while reserving his personal contemplations and affinities for his work as Direwires.
With its detailed assembly culled from original sounds, field recordings and found material, Direwires Is the soundtrack to its creator’s life as though captured on celluloid. Young has created several dozen pieces under the moniker, apart from writing music for independent film and game projects and spending the greater part of 2004 designing a model for live performance of his work, whose debut took place at the 2005 Mutek festival in Montréal. 
On There’s Life After Winter, Young presents six pieces representative of this oeuvre, ranging from the sighing drone and howling melodies of “Oh, Her” to the warbling cinematics of “Just Off the Coast” and the gentle looping guitar of “We’re On Our Way”. A remarkable attention to detail permeates each of these tracks, creating a singular atmosphere that Is at once mournful and hopeful. There’s Life After Winter Is a confident debut from an auspicious voice in the ambient scene, and Is proof positive that Direwires will be a name on everyone’s lips in the coming months.

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